Rosie came to us after her person passed away and she didn’t get along with the remaining family’s cats. She was playful and fun at the shelter, and because she was young and had striking calico markings, we thought we could easily find her a good home as a single cat. Concurrently, young Will (aged 9) had longed for a calico (specifically!) cat and his parents agreed it was time. They saw Rosie’s pic and bio and  a match was made.

The day Rosie was to go meet her new family, Will was counting down the minutes. His mother reminded him that we might not be there at EXACTLY at 4:30 on the dot, but he was getting more and more excited! When we got there with Rosie, Will was smitten. He and Rosie explored the house together and Rosie seemed right at home. 

A week later, the family sent photos of Will and Rosie together that showed how the love continued to develop between the two. They bought her a cat tree and from her beloved perch she watches the birds (when she’s not with Will). She sleeps with Will and they play games together and he makes videos of her. The rest of the family loves her and we are all just so happy that Will found the cat of his dreams and that Rosie found a new person with whom she could feel at home again.


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