Coco was a little dog with an enormous heart. Her owner, unfortunately, was suffering from a variety of degenerative health issues that made her unable to properly care for Coco. The family reached out to us, and the owner felt comfortable surrendering her so she could focus on caring for herself.

Grossly obese and improperly medicated, Coco could not jump up or walk for more than a few feet upon her arrival. She would just sit down and refuse to get up again. She suffered from pyoderma and showed tremendous anxiety. Luckily, we had a wonderful foster mother – Karen C – who spent weeks working with Coco, and Coco blossomed!

Within a short period of time, Coco lost weight and began to run and play. Her hair grew back as the pyoderma improved, and her anxiety decreased as her spirit lifted. In time, she was ready for a new home and was adopted into a warm and doting new family.


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